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Payment Methods

We mainly use PayPal for all our transactions to make sure all customers have a safe and secure experience with every transaction. We also offer direct account transfer for large orders only usually arranged by email.

All main transactions are calculated via PayPal shopping cart although we do reserve the right to use other payment systems. We handle no customer financial data or payment data at any time, all this is done by PayPal when you make a purchase. We are only sent your shipping address and your order information when you make your purchase.

PayPal accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

How To Pay

Paying with us is easy !

Simply click the add to cart button or buy now button as you go from page to page adding the items to your shopping cart.

When you have finished shopping you can click the shopping cart icon on any page to see your shopping cart total including the shipping cost for all your items you want to order.

Then you can decide to either pay for your cart as it is or add or remove items from the cart before you pay.

Cart total and postage cost will be shown in your shopping cart.

Then hit the Checkout button.

When you pay you will be asked for your shipping address. Please make sure you give the correct address as we can not change a delivery address after the order is confirmed.

Shipping & Dispatch Times

All orders are dispatched using Royal Mail International Fully Tracked Delivery unless otherwise arranged. Tracking codes are attached to all customers orders to guarantee 100% delivery.

All items are shipped within 7 working days after purchase unless otherwise stated. For large or custom orders this time can be extended. If an order requires longer shipping time the customer is always notified.

Shipping times can vary depending upon where you request your order to be delivered in the world in relation to the dispatching zone of the United Kingdom.

The closer you are to the dispatching zone of the United Kingdom the faster your parcel will arrive.

Maximum shipping times for remote or far away destinations in respect to the dispatch zone can take up to 15 to 45 days after the date of dispatch. Usually parcels arrive sooner but we must account for delays.

In very rare cases customs in destination country's can hold a parcel for inspection however this is extremely rare.

Import and customs duty charges are the responsibility of the customer. We have no control of customs and duty fees and charges in destination country's.

We do not deliver to PO Box Addresses. This is because royal mail postal service will not accept full tracking to a po box address. If a purchase is made using a PO box delivery address you will be informed again of our non delivery PO box policy within 7 days of your purchase.

Shipping Cost !

Shipping cost is calculated according to price of items and weight of your final parcel.

Each time you click add to cart button this adds the item to your shopping cart where you see your cart total and shipping cost before you pay for your items.

The website adds a standard one time only per order minimum shipping charge of £11.99. This is shown on the payment page as handling charge.

The the website adds a little for each item added to your cart. This is seen as the shipping charge.

All orders are dispatched using Royal Mail International Fully Tracked Delivery. Tracking codes are attached to all customers orders to guarantee 100% delivery.

To see the shipping cost and your cart total click the shopping cart icon on any page !

If you have any problems with this website or think that something may be wrong with a certain aspect such as a price on an item may be incorrect, a link on a page that does not work properly or any other issue please feel free to contact us via email so we can look at the issue and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Order Cancellation & Refunds

When an order is made and payment has been accepted:

Orders will not be cancelled without a good and valid reason.

Orders will not be cancelled without paying 35% order cancellation fees.

No order may be cancelled without the prior Email agreement from XRS / Xgentec.

Without limiting the generality of this, orders for Goods which are not in catalogue or non stock items may not be cancelled.

If a customer wishes to cancel an order after payment has been made a cancellation charge fee of 35% will be charged to the customer for administration costs and to initiate any refund. This cancellation fee will be deducted from your original payment before any payment is refunded.

For instance if you paid £100 and you request a refund your cancellation fee is 35%

£100 - 35% cancellation fee your refund amount will be £65.

Fraudulent orders

We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer for any reason.

If any customer tries to manipulate the purchase process by opening fraudulent disputes or they escalate a decision to a payment service provider we reserve the right to pass customers personal details, order address details, business information details, website address details and email address details to registered credit authority's and to other partner organisations and retail providers. The customer will also be instantly banned from making any future orders from XRS / Xgentec, other partner organisations and retail providers.

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