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Advanced Level Impulse Ignition Starter Component Pack

These component packs as well as the XGen transformers have been rated by many US & EU company’s as the most powerful miniature units in the world giving incredible spark distance and power. These component packs give you all of the components and schematics needed to get started building your very own high power miniature XGen Impulse Ignition units. The packs have been updated to be much more beginner friendly and have online step by step tutorial guide website.

The Free Schematic:

· With the packs you get the advanced level high power circuit schematic. This is an extreme high voltage power impulse ignition circuit schematic that has extreme power output.

There is a full tutorial website that shows how to construct the advanced circuit schematic. The tutorial website address is in your guide sheet that is included with purchase.

All components are tested before dispatch and each delivery is fully tracked.


Battery Power Guide !

7.4v 2S 20C/30C Lipo battery maximum input.

800mah to 1000mah maximum Lipo Battery Only (Not included !)


Please remember these circuits are extreme power short burst circuits.

They are not designed for continuous long running periods.

Bench Power Supply Input power :

7.4v 10 Amp Maximum


All xgen schematics are custom designed for short bursts of very high voltage and extreme power that can give cracking glowing arks of electricity at high voltage. Be aware that if you accidentally get shocked from such a circuit it will at the very least cause severe muscle spasm and pain and can have a paralysing effect on the muscles of the body.


What you get in the component pack:


Heat Sinks 

High Speed Power Mosfets 

Driving Resistors 

Drainage Resistors 

Zender Diodes 

High Voltage Diodes 

High Voltage Power Capacitors 

High Voltage Trigger Gas Discharge Tubes.                

Feedback Gas Discharge Tubes.

Professional Grade High Power PCB board

XRS RM8 Ultra high power T1 custom wound transformer

XGen6T High Voltage Pulse Trigger Transformer.

Guide sheet with step by step tutorial & information build guide website address

XGen6T XGen Transformer Guide Sheet

Free 7.4v Powerful Advanced Level Impulse Ignition System Schematic. 

Please make sure you read all enclosed sheets and follow the step by step tutorial before connecting battery or input power.

Please remember you are simply buying components listed so it is your responsibility to get things right when soldering or constructing. Make sure you follow construction steps from the online tutorial website provided. We have provided an easy to follow tutorial website showing exactly where every component goes and exactly how they are connected.

Also there are usually videos on You Tube PCB construction guide also.

If you are not reasonably skilled in electronics and soldering please buy a pre built circuit from the pre built circuit page. We will not give refunds for component packs you decide to build yourself.

Non compliance of Tutorial website pages, Xgen guide sheet rules, Recommended battery guidelines voids all and any right of return. These guides are there to ensure you get maximum performance and long life from your unit.

All components are tested before dispatch to ensure satisfaction.

Returns are only accepted if components are defective upon delivery.

Returns are not accepted for components after you have constructed to PCB and used them.

It is your responsibility to test components before use.

Please click on Shipping link at top of page to see dispatch and shipping times.

Xgen Advanced Impulse Ignition Component Pack

All components and schematics with online website tutorial guide included with purchase.

Professional Grade PCB Also Included. PCB 55mm x 50mm x 26mm

Purchase with either Xgen6T84 or 6T93

Everything You Need To Get Started !

Circuit Examples:

For the listed components in the pack

Xgen Advanced Impulse Ignition Starter Component Pack Xgen Advanced Impulse Ignition Starter Component Pack